Thursday, December 26, 2013

Russia: RT accuses Israel of 'killing a thousand Palestinians'

Russian broadcaster RT loves to propagate anti-US and anti-Zionist views.

Following a sniper attack in Gaza which killed one Israeli, Israel retaliated by attacking Hamas installations.   The Palestinians claimed one child was killed in the attack.

RT's take on it?   An interview with Moeen Raoof, an 'expert' based in the UK.  RT's headline: "Expert: Israel kills a thousand Palestinians in response to the death of one of its citizens".

On their English language site, RT dropped the anti-Israel rhetoric a notch, and gave a more moderate quote from Raoof's interview:
“There are political or diplomatic means that they can use to deescalate the situation rather than use disproportionate force on people who have no effective army and cannot fight,” he told RT.
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