Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sweden: Jewish women subjected to hate campaign

Two Jewish women in Rosengård (Malmö) say they're being subjected to an antisemitic campaign.  In the decade they have lived in the area they had gotten used to being insulted on the street with "Jewish whore" and "Jewish pig".  But two weeks ago they were subjected to more serious attacks.

One day somebody broke into their apartment and stole a computer and Jewish religious objects - a golden Star of David, prayer book and mezuza and a Hanukkah menorah which belonged to a relative who died in the Nazi concentration camps.

Then somebody drew swastikas on their front door and balcony doors.  The police removed them, but the next day, once again somebody drew swastikas.  Additionally somebody threw garbage at their door.

They said they do not want to move, but if they will, they will leave to Israel.  Moving elsewhere in the city won't help, they say, as a friend of theirs was beaten up in Limhamnsvägen because she's Jewish.

They doubt much can be done but say that all new immigrants should be informed that Jews are people too.

More: Sydsvenskan via World Zionist Organization

Update: I did not notice when first posting, but story is a year old.

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