Thursday, June 19, 2014

Belgian hypocrisy

Abou Jahjah, respected Belgian op-ed writer
(via Joost Niemöller)

After the antisemitic terrorist attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgian politicians of all stripes expressed their support for the Jewish community and offered more security for Jewish institutions.  Talking heads discussed the dangers of hateful, antisemitic Jihadists coming back from Syria.

Wondering where you can find such a hateful, antisemitic Jihadist who came back from fighting a war against Jews?  He's writing opinion articles for one of Belgium's most prominent newspapers.

Meet Dyab Abou Jahjah.

Abou Jahjah a long history of hate against the local Jewish community.

In 2002, Abou Jahjah led race riots in Antwerp.  When the Prime Minister considered banning his group, the AEL (Arab European League), Abou Jahjah said he was being demonized by the "Zionist lobby".  The AEL has led anti-Jewish riots in Belgium several times, and published antisemitic materials.

In 2006 Abou Jahjah announced he was going to Lebanon, to (re-)join the Hezbollah and fight against Israel.

Belgium announced they will arrest him when he comes back.

And indeed, last year, when he returned from Lebanon, Abou Jahjah was greeted with.... a job offer.

De Standaard, one of Belgium's most respectable newspapers, asked him to write for their newspapers.  Because Belgium is an open society, and they want to know what people think. Even if they're antisemitic Jihadists.

Obviously, nobody listens to a Jihadist, right?  Nope. Abou Jahjah was chosen as the 4th most influential Belgian of foreign origin by the Magazine "Knack"

In case you think he's changed, Abou Jahjah uses his new platform to continue his attacks on the hated Zionists.  In a recent editorial he compared the Syrian Jihadists to Israeli IDF soldiers.  And on Twitter he curses people out as Zionists.  (But he did condemn the attack on the Jewish museum, so he's A-OK with Belgians).

I don't expect much from Abou Jahjah. I realize he's an antisemitic Muslim who hates Jews and hates Israel.  But I do expect more from Belgium, a European country which claims to be enlightened and which claims to care about its Jewish population.

If Belgians want to know why Belgian Jews don't feel safe, maybe they should open a newspaper.

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