Monday, June 23, 2014

Poland: "When they get drunk, then suddenly they spew anti-Semitic remarks"

Rabbi Eliezer Gur-Ari,incumbent Chief Rabbi of Krakow, was interviewed by Arutz 7.  Asked about antisemitism the rabbi replied that non Jews don't like Jews and caused a major storm.  Both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations came out against him.

Q: The way you dress very clearly shows that you are a rabbi. Have you been the victim of anti-Semitic remarks? 
A: "Let's say it clearly. Those who are not a Jew - do not like Jews," he says. "Everyone understands and knows it." 
"Here in Krakow there is sympathy for the Jews in general, at least outwardly," he continued. "Sometimes I walk down the street and people greet me. Generally there is respect for a Jewish rabbi; but when they get drunk, then suddenly they spew anti-Semitic remarks. Twice people broke into my house, and I guess because there's a rumor that Jews have lots of money, it brought people specifically to my home." 
 Gur-Ari denied he ever said non-Jews are all antisemites, but according to JTA, who heard the recording of the interview he did make that statement and added that:
“This shouldn’t come as news, anyone who lives out [of Israel] can tell you the history of non-Jews’ attitude. Of course, there are places where this is more felt, and there are places where this is less felt. In some places sympathy to Jews is more felt; in others, hatred to Jews is more felt.”

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