Friday, June 27, 2014

Spain: Israeli researcher claims university expected him to bring "Jewish money"

Yonatan Bar Magen, an Israeli researcher in the University of Alcalá (next to Madrid) claims the university fired him because he is an Israeli and a Jew.

He also says that the university expected him to bring in "Jewish money".  He was constantly asked if he knows any Jews or Israelis who could invest in the university.

When a Jewish businessman visited the university to check out the possibility of investing millions in a certain project, the university's vice-rector and Bar Magen's advisor, José-Antonio Gutiérrez de Mesa, introduced Bar Magen as "my Jewish and Israeli" researcher.   But when De Mesa discovered the Bar Magen could not 'seal the deal' for him, he threatened to cut Bar Magen's funding.

Bar Magen was about to publish an article with an Israeli researcher from Bar Ilan University.  When De Mesa heard that his name would be added to the article, as Bar Magen's advisor he got very upset. He shouted at Bar Magen: "Don't put my name on articles published by Israeli researchers, we don't need that here" and "You're here to bring in money for the research group, not for any other reason".

The university denies Bar Magen was fired due to antisemitism, and the Israeli Embassy says it cannot prove that was the case.

More: Walla

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