Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hungary: "Go to Israel. This is not your home."

This article appeared in Portuguese on the Público news-site, but the embedded video is in English and well worth watching.

Rabbi Tami Vero of Buda describes how he can't go with a kippah in the street without somebody saying something. "There's a Jew. Go to Israel. This is not your home."  Every Friday night skinheads show up at the synagogue to curse and shout.

Rabbi Robert Frolich, rabbi of the Great Synagogue in Budapest, says that "dirty Jew" has become a common curse in Hungary.

Zsuzsa Fritz, director of the Balint Jewish Community Center, says that Hungarian antisemitism is political ,and Rabbi Frolich adds that Prime Minister Orban is not antisemitic, but he's a politician.  He wants to appeal to the voters.

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