Thursday, June 26, 2014

Germany: Neo-Nazis moving to the mainstream

'Happy Holocaust' BBQ next to NPD office

Rolling Stone magazine published an article about the 'new' face of the German Neo-Nazi movement.  They barely mention Jews or the Holocaust.
Back in Bavaria, Patrick Schroeder is driving around downtown Weiden with his former co-host, Martin, a clean-cut 27-year-old computer programmer. Martin is not his real name, but he's already lost his job twice because of his politics, and is worried about jeopardizing his newest position. Both men are complaining about the repression they face on the job market as neo-Nazis — since finishing his training as a salesman, Schroeder has only worked for companies tied to the scene. "We're the new Jews in Germany," he says, "except we don't wear stars." 

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