Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Austria: Media whitewashes Iranian antisemitic Holocaust exhibition

Der Standard: Contest is 'anti-Israeli'

We  previously reported that Norwegian broadcaster NRK chose to describe Iran's newest Holocaust-denying cartoon contest as "anti-Israel".

Apparently, Austrian media also think that comparing Jews to Nazis and the situation of the Palestinians to mass genocide is just a political opinion (h/t Johannan Edelman).

In articles syndicated by various Austrian media outlets, national news agency APA explained the Iranian point of view: Israel is abusing the Holocaust in order to commit a new genocide against Palestine.  That is not Holocaust denial.

APA did not find it necessary to bring any further points of view.

European leaders love to boast they take antisemitism seriously.  Now is the time to show that they really mean it.   The Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest is pure antisemitism and should be treated as such.

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