Monday, May 23, 2016

France: Getting results - Health site now gives Israel positive rating

Background: France: Popular online doctor site strikes Israel off the map has changed the maps and no longer claims that Israel is a primitive and dirty country (you know those dirty Jews...).

The "Warning" section now reads: "Sanitary and hospital infrastructures in Israel are excellent. ("Israel est un pays où les infrastructures sanitaires et hospitalière sont excellentes.")   It had warned that sanitation was very poor: "In addition, the low level of sanitation does not allow the traveller to ensure optimum safety in terms of the management of health problems. Sanitation infrastructures are poor or very degraded." ("De plus, le faible niveau sanitaire ne permet pas d'assurer au voyageur une sécurité optimale sur le plan de la prise en charge des problèmes de santé. Les infrastructures sanitaires sont médiocres, voire très dégradées.")

The site no longer advises travellers to avoid visiting Israel and now rates it green  instead of amber - the rating given to Yemen.  Egypt, Jordan and Syria were all rated green...  This has been changed too.. 

Elder of Ziyon also reports:

EoZ readers wrote to the site to complain, and Alyssa Cohen Kaplan received this reply:
There is no willingness on our part to take a position for or against anyone . Some of our country sheets certainly require revision . We have company. Thank you for pointing out some inconsistencies.
They changed the maps for both Israel and "Palestine" to this one:

It is a start.  I don't know if anyone wrote to them from the stories about the topic in The New Antisemite and Dreuz.Info but since Alyssa received the reply, it looks like we did get results.

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