Wednesday, May 11, 2016

France: Jesse Jackson has dinner with Jean-Marie Le Pen

The Telegraph reports:
The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Jean-Marie Le Pen were embroiled in an unlikely Twitter clash on Wednesday after the French far-Right veteran claimed he had received a written note from the American civil rights activist after a dinner in Paris.

The 87-year-old co-founder of the far-Right Front National party  posted a photo of himself next to the American baptist minister and former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination with a note signed by Mr Jackson saying: "Keep Hope Alive. Continue."  The words were an apparent reference to Mr Jackson's famous 1988 speech to the Democratic national convention.

According to Le Parisien, the curious encounter between Rev Jackson and Mr Le Pen, convicted several times for racism, anti-Semitism and revisionism, took place at a Moroccan restaurant.

"A mutual friend organised the dinner," a close friend of Mr Le Pen told Le Parisien. "Jany, Jean-Marie's wife, was there. And Jesse Jackson knew full well who was opposite him."   [...]

Pair sitting round a table. The accompanying message says: "To all those media who talk of my imagined dinner."

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