Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is Germany Really Honoring the Memory of the Holocaust?

Via Algemeiner:
I went to visit what was left of the 11 Kaufering concentration camps, along with the equally numerous mass graves containing camp victims. To my disbelief, even with maps, exact GPS coordinates, and a reasonable sense of my whereabouts, lots of time was often needed in order to find these sites. Directions are sometimes non-existent, and once a camp site is reached, there are often no indications at all that it was part of the worst crime in history.

On one camp ground, Kaufering VI, family villas have been built — with a McDonald’s conveniently nearby. Other camp grounds now have houses, small garden allotments, forests or agricultural fields. Having food grown on the place of a concentration camp seems, well, awkward.


But then again, what should be done with these camp grounds? Using the grounds for more pragmatic purposes is clearly an option to many city planners. Furthermore, some — quite many, actually — argue that it is time to get over the war and think of more practical things in life. The perpetrators are mostly gone, and it was a long time ago.
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