Tuesday, May 24, 2016

UK: Scottish golf club accused of discriminating against Jews

The incident mentioned is from the the early 1980s, when it wasn't that unheard of for golf clubs to ban Jews.  The question is whether this policy continued into the 21st century.

Via Daily Mail:
An anti-Semitism row has hit sexist Muirfield golf club after Lord Grade claimed he was banned for being Jewish.

The East Lothian course has been savaged by critics after it refused to admit women members in a vote last week.

And now the former BBC chairman, 73, has branded the backward club anti-Jewish, slamming golf as rife with anti-Semitism.

He was invited to the course in the early eighties by Sir William Brown, the former boss of Scottish Television, who rang him to arrange a game when he was visiting the Edinburgh festival.

'About a week or so later he rang again and said he needed to give them the name of my home club and my handicap, and I told him it was 17 and Coombe Hill,' Lord Grade told The Telegraph.

Coombe Hill, near Kingston, Surrey, was renowned for having a largely Jewish membership, he said.

'He rang back a day later and said 'I don't know how to tell you this, but as soon as I said Coombe Hill the invitation was withdrawn'. I asked him if there was a particular reason, and he said, "You know why, Michael."'

Lord Grade added that on another occasion his friend put his name forward to a club with a 'No Jews' policy to test them out, and sure enough they rejected him.

He said he now avoids clubs with anti-Jewish reputations.

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