Thursday, March 16, 2017

Holland: Anti-Israel activist spotted buying lunch at Israeli falafel chain Maoz

Via The Jewish Chronicle: 
An anti-Israel activist seen to be promoting boycotts was spotted buying his falafel lunch at the Israeli chain Maoz, in Amsterdam. The man dressed in a high visibility vest, with the Palestinian flag and the words “Boycott Israel” written in bold, was pictured filling up on salad for his falafel. The picture caused amusement on a Dutch Jewish news Facebook page, where people have been quick to point out the irony. The Maoz chain was founded by Israeli husband and wife Nahman Milo and Sima Bar-On. According to the chain's website customers have the pick of two main items, the Maoz Falafel Sandwich and the Maoz Falafel Salad Box.
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