Thursday, March 16, 2017

Poland: Commemorating the blood libel of Poznań

Erik Ross writes how Poznań commemorates its blood libel:
The pious history tells how, in 1399, a group of Poznań Jews — wanting to see if the wafers were indeed, in the Church’s phrase, “the Body of Christ” — decided to bribe a poor Polish woman to steal three hosts from the Dominican church down the block. One version of the story says she smuggled the hosts out in her mouth.
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The blood libel is commemorated in churches and signs around the old 'Jew street'.

Ceiling paintings commemorating the blood libel at the Church of the Most Holy Blood of the Lord Jesus.  Built in the 18th century and recently renovated

Plaque inside The Church of the Most Holy Blood of the Lord Jesus

Jews supposedly trying to get rid of the stolen hosts in a swamp.  A church was built over the site.

A 15th century stone tablet tells the blood-libel.  It was recently re-gilded.

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