Monday, March 6, 2017

Netherlands: Rapper chosen for Liberation Day show, caught on tape shouting antisemitic slogans

Via RTL Nieuws:

Hip-hop band Broederliefde (brotherly love) was chosen as "Ambassadors of Freedom" -  representatives of the Dutch Liberation Day festivities.

A day later, a video of one of the band members, Emms, started making the rounds, in which  he is shouting "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" after Feyenoord's victory last year.

Emms apologized for his antisemitic statements.  "I'm very sorry for the things I said at that moment.  I used certain words that are often used by supporters of Feyenoord when they want to intimidate their opponents.  That is no excuse and I realize that it can't be tolerated."

The Liberation Day festivities committee said they were shocked, but will keep the group as their ambassadors.  They said the slogans were inappropriate, but given the reaction of the group they will remain part of the festivities.

The Liberation Day committee posted this clip to their site.  Broederliefde's visit to Auscwitz.

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