Thursday, March 2, 2017

UK: Jeremy Corbyn with activists who shared anti-Semitic posts about the 'ugly Israeli species'

Via The Daily Mail:
Jeremy Corbyn was pictured singing a Communist anthem while embracing Labour activists who made shocking anti-Semitic posts on social media, MailOnline can reveal.
Jeremy Corbyn, centre, sings a Communist anthem while embracing Edward Clarke, left, who has referred to an 'ugly Israeli species', and Rita Roberta Tiziana, right, who spread the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the ISIS leader is a Mossad agent

Supporters were seen punching the air as the Labour leader led a chorus of the Red Flag with campaigners who have said that Israel is responsible for ISIS, openly admitted to 'hating' Israel, and ranted about the 'ugly Israeli species'. 
Mr Corbyn also supported a Muslim group which states on its website that the Labour Party is 'indebted to Jewish financiers with Zionist leanings', and attended one of its events last year. 
In an incendiary post, Mr Clarke also used the offensive phrase, 'ugly Israeli species'
Mr Clarke, pictured embracing Corbyn as they sang a Communist anthem, wrote of his hatred of the Jewish State on Facebook
The revelations will raise fresh concerns that Mr Corbyn – who is battling rock bottom popularity ratings after a humiliating Labour defeat in Copeland last week – is unqualified to deal with claims of anti-Semitism in his party.  
It comes as the Labour leader appointed two virulently anti-Israel MPs, Kate Osamor and Sarah Champion, to lead his party's efforts to repair relations with the Jewish community, a move that was met with outrage from British Jews.  
The role, previously dubbed 'shadow minister for Jews', is intended to restore relations with British Jewish community, which have been severely damaged by Mr Corbyn's leadership. 
But Ms Champion has accused Israel of 'mass intimidation and collective punishment', and Ms Osamor has campaigned for boycotts against the Jewish state. 
Marcus Dysch, the Jewish Chronicle's political editor, tweeted: 'Should be serious problem for Corbyn that all his allies are fervent Israel critics who have riled British Jews. But he clearly doesn't care.' 
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