Sunday, April 2, 2017

France: Massive campus demonstration against Israel ambassador at Rennes university

Via Daphne Anson:
At Rennes, in Brittany, a city whose name all familiar with the infamous Dreyfus Affair will recognise, university students prove their crass immaturity and fascistic left credentials by disrupting a talk by Israel's ambasssador to France, Madame Aliza Bin-Noun.

Screaming the usual malicious canards, and citing the despicable one-sided report just released by the loathsome Richard Falk and his accomplice Virginia Tilley, they belie the very liberty, equality and fraternity that underpins the Republic, and the very democratic principles they accuse Israel of lacking.

 "Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinian people."  The protest last 7 minutes...  The same students would never stage a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabia or the Qatari embassies...

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It took three days for Le Figaro to report this incident.  A video shows students leaving.  Then they sounded the fire alarm system.  Then comes the Israel-hate speech.  The ambassador reacted on Twitter:

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