Thursday, April 20, 2017

UK: Imam sees a 'direct parallel' between Islamic State and Zionism

Via Harry's Place:
Many Salafi Muslims like to claim that their way is one of the best bulwarks against violent extremism. Usually the pitch is bakwas, to be multicultural about it. 
They may well oppose Islamic State, but the way they go about it only makes things worse. 
Alyas Karmani provides a lesson from this field in the clip below. The Bradford imam and old mate of George Galloway is addressing Muslims at the Green Lane Mosque, the Salafi centre in Birmingham of “Undercover Mosque” infamy.
He is speaking against Islamic State. To make his case, what does he turn to? Zionism, that’s what. There is a “direct parallel” between Islamic State and Zionism, you see, from militarism to ethnic cleansing.
Learn from the Jews of Neturei Karta, he advises, if you want to know the truth. Ah yes, the tiny, bizarre and deplorable cult which has long served as a fig leaf for the worst Israel haters in the land. They’re fond of the Holocaust deniers of Tehran and the loathsome far right nutters of Hungary’s Jobbik party. For starters. What great teachers. 
Elsewhere in this session and another at the Green Lane Mosque Karmani suggests Israel is funding Islamic State by buying its oil.
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