Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Italy: "You are Jews, I'll kill you"

Via Arutz 7:
Police officers in the northern Italian city of Bologna were called to San Vitale Street after locals and passers-by complained about a man who was disorderly, cursing and harassing passers-by. A Tunisian citizen in his thirties went crazay when he saw the officers, pulled a knife from his bag, waved it around and threatened them, saying, "You are Jews, I will kill you."

The policemen quickly disarmed him and handcuffed him, but at one point he managed to wound two policemen who needed medical attention. The Tunisian, without a criminal record, was arrested on charges of wounding and resisting civil servants. A search of his belongings produced several grams of hashish in addition to the knife, which were confiscated by the police.

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