Monday, April 10, 2017

France: Memorial for slain Jewish woman turns violent as questions linger

According J Forum, French MP Meyer Habib spoke with the victim's brother who told him that the alleged perpetrator and members of his family who are Muslim had for 20 years repeatedly insulted Sarah Halimi and her daughter Elisheva by calling them "filthy Jews".  One day Elisheva was pushed down the stairs by a sister of the attacker.  They lived in fear.  Mrs Halimi was beaten up and defenestrated. During the peaceful demonstration some youths in the neighborhood shouted that they had kalashnikovs.

Via The Times of Israel:
Some 1,000 members of France’s Jewish community gathered Sunday outside the home of Sarah Halimi in Paris to commemorate her murder last week.
A suspect was arrested Wednesday, but authorities have not yet declared whether the murder was racially motivated and community leaders have cautioned against reaching early conclusions. 
The Sunday demonstration was meant to be a quiet memorial but members of the far-right Jewish Defense League attempted to turn the event into a vocal protest against anti-Semitism in France, with several attendees clashing with neighbors in the buildings next to Sarah Halimi’s. 
Footage of the event showed JDL members throwing bottles at people leaning out of the windows who had allegedly shouting anti-Semitic slurs at the crowd. 
French police arrived to disperse the protest shortly thereafter, but not before the Jewish demonstrators sang both the French and Israeli national anthems. 
Halimi was found dead on the street in front of her apartment on Monday in the crime-ridden 11th district of the French capital. Her 27-year-old neighbor, reported by Israel Radio to be Muslim, was later arrested in connection with her death. He has been sent for psychiatric evaluation, according to reports. Relatives of Halimi said that she had previously experienced anti-Semitic harassment by a relative of the man under arrest. 
The woman was beaten before she fell from the third floor, Israel Radio also reported.(...) 
French parliamentarian Meyer Habib has called on state authorities to investigate the crime as an anti-Semitic attack, though. In a lengthy Facebook post, he said the suspect had routinely harassed Halimi, calling her and her daughter “dirty Jews.” 
On Thursday, hundreds arrived in Jerusalem to lay Halimi to rest. She is survived by her son who lives in Israel and two daughters who live in France.
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