Sunday, April 30, 2017

Slovakia: Police charge 2 lawmakers from far-right party with extremism

Via Jerusalem Post:
Slovakia's police said on Saturday they have charged two members of parliament from a far-right People's Party-Our Slovakia with extremism for hate speech against the Roma, the Jews and Islam.

If found guilty, they are facing up to six years in prison, according to the penal code.


The party openly admires Jozef Tiso, leader of the 1939-1945 Nazi puppet state who allowed tens of thousands of Slovak Jews to be deported to Nazi death camps and was tried for treason after the war. It is also hostile to Slovakia's Roma minority.

Its lawmaker Stanislav Mizik is facing charges for publishing on a social network a list of "people of Jewish origin and admirers of Roma" among people who were given state honors by President Andrej Kiska earlier this year.


Another of the party's lawmakers, Milan Mazurek, has said on social media that the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust had been "distorted."
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