Tuesday, December 10, 2013

France: Teacher spreading antisemitic hatred

JSS News, a Jewish French news site, reports that Nabil Oussaih, a teacher in Ferrières-en-Brie is posting antisemitic photos and videos.  Oussaih is a fan of antisemitic comedian Dieudonné.

The following were posted to Oussaih's instagram account.

Commenting on a documentary about Auschwitz which had been broadcast on ARTE, Oussaih wrote: While in Baghdad families constantly die and children are massacred in Palestine in a genocide in the sun, ARTE never forget.  The photo is tagged: #ananas #dontforgetshit #dieudonne.  

Ananas (= pineapple), is Dieudonné's code word for denying the Holocaust.
"Above is the sun" is a Dieudonné slogan to mock the Holocaust and Nazi camps.

 Teaching kids the Quenelle, a backwards Nazi salute (tagged #quenelle #dieudo #smile):

There are many more pictures showing the Quenelle, for example in pictures posted on the children's lockers.

With thanks to Philosémitisme Blog.

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