Friday, February 21, 2014

Belgium: Politician says Israel founded to establish global domination

Agnes Jonckheere, head of the Free Christian Democrats party (VCD) had to temporarily resign close to a year ago ago after she wrote that “a few Jewish families that monopolize the banking world” caused the financial crisis in Europe.  She explained that the protests against the Jewish banking elite in Hungary and Greece were nothing like the Nazis.  "That anger is directed at 'Judaism, which controls the banks, the government, and world economy'".

Her 'resignation' barely lasted a couple of weeks.

Now she's back.

Belgian Jewish site Joods Actueel reports that in a news update sent to party supporters and posted on the party's website, Jonkheere wrote as follows (my translation):
"The real reason for the founding of the State of Israel was not to give the Jews a homeland, but mainly to enable to install from this place, where the three world-religions are established, global domination too, with the necessary military control.  The nation is zealously defended, but not the religion of the Jews.  On the contrary: they pass laws to support and strengthen liberal Judaism, represented  by the modern Orthodox Jews with their kippahs."
The update has since been removed from the party's site.

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