Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ukraine: Police making threats against Jewish community

Ever since the beginning of the unrest in the Ukraine, both sides have used accusations of antisemitism in the other side to bolster their position.  Bottom line: the Jews are in a very precarious position.  

Arutz Sheva's Russian-language sources reported disturbing facts on the ground Saturday, claiming that the Ukrainian police forces - who are loyal to Yanukovych - have been making open threats against the Jewish community there.

They have also been promoting anti-Semitic propaganda, according to the report.

"The police know that the damage to the Jewish community could ignite harsh reactions from European countries," a source stated to Arutz Sheva Saturday night. "Because of this, senior police forces there are attempting to bring the Jewish community into the turmoil." 

More: Arutz 7

Note also this article, from the New York Review of Books:
The protests in the Maidan, we are told again and again by Russian propaganda and by the Kremlin’s friends in Ukraine, mean the return of National Socialism to Europe. The Russian foreign minister, in Munich, lectured the Germans about their support of people who salute Hitler. The Russian media continually make the claim that the Ukrainians who protest are Nazis. Naturally, it is important to be attentive to the far right in Ukrainian politics and history. It is still a serious presence today, although less important than the far right in France, Austria, or the Netherlands. Yet it is the Ukrainian regime rather than its opponents that resorts to anti-Semitism, instructing its riot police that the opposition is led by Jews. In other words, the Ukrainian government is telling itself that its opponents are Jews and us that its opponents are Nazis.

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