Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bulgaria: "What's wrong with that? Hitler is good"

Hitler and Nazi items are being sold in various tourist shops across Europe.

Nazi mugs on sale in Bulgarian store (Photo: Janna Kushnir)

On the final day of their five-day trip, the mother and son entered a gift shop in the town's main street and were surprised to find the mugs with swastikas and Hitler's picture offered for sale, stacked near cosmetic items and various trinkets.

Kushnir, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, asked the cashier if selling such items was not forbidden, to which she said the clerk had replied: "What's wrong with that? Hitler is good.

More: Ynet

Israeli journalist found the following Hitler poster hanging in a market in Budapest, Hungary.  The stand also had various Nazi emblems and insignia for sale. (news1)

Hitler poster in Budapest market, Yoav Limor

Tourists found the following in Tallinn, Estonia (Europe-Israel)

Nazi paraphernalia sold in tourist shop in Tallinn, Estonia

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