Monday, February 24, 2014

France: Woman suffers from antisemitic hate campaign after putting up mezuzah

One French Jewish woman from Goussainville, next to Paris, tells of the antisemitic hate campaign against her family.  

Ruth Smadja's story started in September 2009, when her rabbi suggested she put a mezuzah on her front door.  A few days later, her door was covered with insults.  After the door was cleaned it was again covered with insults, and a clear message: "Jews out".

The hate campaign continued with thefts and vandalism.  One day, Smadja started receiving death threats.  The family stopped going out, and the kids dropped their extra-curricular activities, for fear of being attacked.

Ruth is running an internet campaign on Twitter and Facebook, seeking help to move someplace safer in Paris.  See more on her story at Europe-Israel.

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