Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poland: 'No public interest' in 2,500 antisemitic comments against Foreign Minister

Polish Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet said this week the country would drop its lenient policy toward anyone making hateful statements against foreigners and Jews.


The Warsaw prosecutor has reportedly not investigated around 2,500 libel cases on the Internet against Poland’s foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski. Sikorski is married to Washington, D.C.-born Anne Applebaum, a Pulitzer Prize winner for her 2004 book “Gulag: A History.”

The Warsaw prosecutor’s office had said it “did not find any public interest in the matter.”

Anti-Semitic statements include “I’m angry at Adolf Hitler for not finishing his work in the gas chambers; if he did, Sikorski’s wife wouldn’t be alive today,” and “Sikorski isn’t Polish, he has a Jewish wife, and he does anything the [Jews] tell him.” According to another Internet comment, “Sikorski is a two-faced Jewish dog who wants to destroy Poland.”

More: Haaretz

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