Sunday, February 9, 2014

UK: Labour MP says Gaza same as Holocaust genocide

In a parliamentary debate, Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi compared the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust.

Via Richard Millet's Blog:
Qureshi is very quietly spoken but the words that come out of her mouth are pure poison where Israel is concerned. If one thinks that Ismail Patel’s application of the term “Never Again” to the Palestinians was bad enough Qureshi’s Holocaust minimization is more shocking. 
Here is what she said in yesterday’s Parliamentary debate: 
“What has struck me in all this is that the state of Israel was founded because of what happened to the millions and millions of Jews who suffered genocide. Their properties, homes and land—everything—were taken away, and they were deprived of rights. Of course, many millions perished. It is quite strange that some of the people who are running the state of Israel seem to be quite complacent and happy to allow the same to happen in Gaza.” 
After the story reached the news, Labour responded the the remarks were 'taken out of context'.  Qureshi herself apologized: “The debate was about the plight of the Palestinian people and in no way did I mean to equate events in Gaza with the Holocaust."

Except that that's exactly what she did.  That's what "the same" usually means in English.

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