Friday, July 31, 2015

Belgium: Anti-Israel petition attracts 435 signatures - no counter-petition is forthcoming

A petition in Belgium calling for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel has attracted 435 academic signatories.  It was launched by Prof. Herman De Ley of the University of Ghent who is not Jewish and is, like many Europeans, a passionate Israel-basher.  Quite a few Jews supported the petition. It is part of the BELGIAN CAMPAIGN FOR AN ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL (BACBI).

This is stark contrast with the fact that not a single non-Jewish/Jewish academic has launched a petition countering the pro-boycott petition.  It is doubtful that there will be one in the future.  And if there was one it is fair to assume that not many people would be bothered to support it.  Obviously there is no campaign to support Israel.

As to antisemitism in Europe.  It is an established fact that antisemitism has become a problem and that many Jews, seeing no future for them and their children, are leaving the continent. You would be at pains to find a book on contemporary antisemitism written by a non-Jewish intellectual, with the notable exception of Pierre-André Taguieff, Douglas Murray, Denis MacEoin, Ed West, Guy Millière...  There is the occasional newspaper article condemning antisemitism, but little attention is paid.   And nothing changes.

Again, in contrast, there is in Europe what can be called an "industry" producing a large number of books, articles and studies depicting Israel as a racist, apartheid country.  The contrary, of course, does not happen.

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