Thursday, July 16, 2015

Switzerland: Lucerne fans chase 'mock Jew' through town (update)

One wonders what the reaction would have been if instead of chasing a mock Jew and shouting "hunt the Jew", the Lucerne football fans had dressed up a "mock Arab" and had gone around St. Gallen screaming "hunt the Arab".  Obviously nobody would have laughed for long.

Background: Lucerne fans chase 'mock Jew' through town 

Update via Watch Antisemitism in Europe

In February 2015 hundreds of FC Luzern fans paraded through St. Gallen while chasing a 'mock Jew' and screaming 'hunt the Jew'. Now the prosecution claimed that this was not antisemitic since it wasn't intended to be antisemitic if one uses the word "Jew" as a "chliché in a ideological way as part of a national-socialist or fascist ideology and denies the right to exist of Jews". Read more (in German).

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