Sunday, July 19, 2015

Israel: Synagogues targeted by antisemitic Christian youth

Via YNet:

Synagogue-goers in central Petah-Tikva say they're being harassed by neo-Nazi youth.  The harassment, which started a year ago, has targeted various synagogues and includes throwing stones and garbage, breaking windows, arson, vandalizing as well as swastika graffiti.

According to one synagogue member, when confronted the youth laughed and said "it's just a synagogue, not a church".

A few months ago police arrested two kids, aged 10 and 13, for a few of the attacks.  The kids said they've been influenced by antisemitic YouTube clips.  Police say they see no signs of an organized cell, meanwhile attacks continue.

Eight years ago a neo-Nazi cell composed of non-Jewish youth from the FSU attacked various synagogues around town.

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