Monday, July 27, 2015

Ukraine: Media claims antisemitic demonstration is Russian provocation

Whether this was a 'real' antisemitic demonstration or a 'fake' one, as the Ukrainians claim - the Jews are the victims.

Via Human Rights in Ukraine:
A fake anti-Semitic demonstration in Lviv on Wednesday was ugly and dangerous, not least because it highlighted the ease with which such stunts can be orchestrated and the inability of the authorities in a democratic country to intervene.  The local media fortunately reacted with some inconvenient questions and close attention to money changing hands. 

On July 22, around 100 people appeared outside the Lviv Regional Administration building and unfurled banners with anti-Semitic messages against the present government.  One big banner gives the supposedly ‘real’ names of Ukraine’s leaders, claiming that this “Jewish fraternity is selling off Ukraine”, another: “No Jews in power”.    more

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