Thursday, September 8, 2016

Belgium: Antisemitic government official forced to resign after media discovers he's also racist

Note that he didn't resign because he called Jews terrorists and Nazis.  He resigned because he posted other racist and hateful statements.

As too often happens, bigots get a pass on antisemitism, but have to resign when discovered that's not their only vice.

Via JTA:
A Belgian official who compared Israel to Nazi Germany and the Islamic State is no longer employed as a minister’s adviser on tolerance.

Youssef Kobo, the adviser on diversity for the minister in charge of equal opportunity in the regional government of Brussels, offered to resign after finding he could no longer fulfill his duties, a ministry spokesperson told the HLN news website on Monday.

Last month, Kobo apologized for his vitriol against Israel, which he said was a modern Nazi Germany and “an identical twin” of the Islamic State terrorist group.

The Muslim official said he was “young and stupid” when he wrote the Facebook posts in 2014, which Kobo said he “regrets,” the La Capitale daily reported. The newspaper had contacted Kobo, 28, following criticism by the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism.

However, in recent days the Belgian media discovered earlier tweets in which Kobo proposed to slaughter activists working to prevent the ritual slaughter of animals.

“What if we compromise on slaughtering Gaia-activists instead of sheep?” he wrote, later dismissing the post as an inappropriate joke. Gaia is the mythological spirit of Earth.

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