Sunday, September 18, 2016

Belgium: Charity boss says "pro-Israel circles" inflate anti-Semitism problem to distract from Palestinian issue

Belgium doesn't have an antisemitism problem.  It's all the Zionists fault.

Via JTA:
An employee of a Belgian state-funded charity who was denied entry into Israel said Israel’s supporters were “inflating” Belgium’s anti-Semitism problem to distract from the Palestinian issue.

Brigitte Herremans, who works as a Middle East expert for the Catholic groups Pax Christi and Broederlijk Delen, made the assertion Monday during a radio interview about her Aug. 9 experience at Ben Gurion Airport, where she was leading a group of activists seeking to “experience” life in the West Bank.

Noting her co-authorship of a book on the causes of anti-Semitism, she said on Radio 1: “When you sometimes hear criticism from certain pro-Israel circles, also in Belgium, then I think that mostly they try to vastly inflate this business to distract from the heart of the matter: Israel tolerates no criticism and wants to do only as it pleases in the Palestinian territories.”

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