Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ukraine: Radical Party leader demands Israeli president apologize for saying Ukrainians participated in Babi Yar massacare

Via Pravda Report:
Iryna Herashchenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, claimed that speech of the Israeli President on aiding and abetting crimes against Jews by he Ukrainian nationalists during the WWII were 'inappropriate'.

'While speaking at the Ukrainian Parliament, the Israeli President took the liberty to make incorrect and non-diplomatic estimations regarding certain pages of the tragic Ukrainian history, the OUN in particular. This stance was not wise,' Herashchenko wrote on her Facebook.

According to her, a number of heads of countries still use 'cliches of the Soviet propaganda when the tragedy of Babyn Yar used to be silenced'.

Leader of the Ukrainian radicals Oleg Lyashko demanded the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin to apologize. 'Rivlin's speech humiliates the Ukrainians, thus I call on the Israeli President to apologize to our state and our people. And the Knesset to ultimately recognize Holodomor (famine) as genocide of the Ukrainian people,' he stated.

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