Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Russia: RT's readers cheer at Tel Aviv building collapse

A multi-story parking building under construction collapsed yesterday in Tel Aviv.

Commentators on RT's site responded with joy to the news.  Some examples:
"Surely the crane is anti-semitic"

"SQUASHED kosha spaghetti and pasta"

"the headline should read 6 trillion feared dead"

""Will be blamed on the Palestinians....watch this space..............."

"With all the bad news in the world everyday, it's nice to see something different, for a change."

"NO Sympathy for israelis....... not a jot"

"Lols, another Jewish builder trying to save a shekel or two on the materials."

"Yay K!kes are DEAD !!! lol ZioTechnology just collapses ha ha ha"

And so forth.  The comments are still online.

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