Sunday, September 18, 2016

Germany: Leading BDS activist welcomes idea to move Israel to Germany

Via Jerusalem Post:
It would not be absurd to relocate Israel to Baden-Württemberg, embattled German BDS activist Christoph Glanz wrote.

The news that Glanz welcomed the idea that the Jewish state should be eradicated surfaced on Thursday in a review of his YouTube comments endorsing a pro-BDS video in 2015.

Alper Çugun wrote in the comments section on YouTube in English: “I always wondered why they didn’t just carve out a piece of Germany and found the State of Israel in Baden-Württemberg” state in southwestern Germany.

Glanz responded in the same language, “an absurd idea? i don’t think so given that it was us germans who perpetrated the genocide of jews in europe. and an israeli artist came up with precisely that idea.”
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