Friday, June 9, 2017

Italy: Lawmaker speaks of 'Zionist influence in Italian media' and 'Zionism is synonymous with racism'

Via The European Jewish Press:
36-year-old Manlio Di Stefano, who is the head of the Italian Five Star Movement's Foreign Affairs Committee, has raised a lot of controversy for publishing a comment on his Facebook page against the Italian vote at UNESCO in favor of Israel. 
Last May, UNESCO passed a resolution (20 votes in favor, 10 abstentions and 23 abstentions) that questions Israel’s sovereignty over the entire city and not just on its eastern side. Italy has been among the few countries to vote against the resolution. 
For Di Stefano, with this vote Italy "became a partner of the damage that  Israel is causing to ancient monuments that UNESCO cannot protect because of the Israeli occupation and the blockade of Gaza that UNESCO has asked to remove." Moreover Di Stefano writes that "Zionism is synonymous with racism". 
In his comments, the parliamentarian, who declared that ''Islamist terrorism doesn't exist'' also published a list of Jewish  journalists, actors and personalities titled "Zionist Influenza in Italian Media", including the names of Roberto Saviano, Paolo Mieli, Enrico Mentana, Gad Lerner, and others.

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