Sunday, June 4, 2017

UK: Police probe ‘anti-Semitic’ heckling of Naz Shah for defending Israel’s existence

Via Jewish News:
An anti-Semitic “hate incident” at an election hustings in Bradford West has been reported to police by event organisers after a man allegedly shouted “Jew, Jew, Jew” at candidates.

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The shouts were audible on a live video of the hustings filmed by community group JUST Yorkshire, and came after Labour candidate Naseem Shah re-iterated her support for “Israel’s right to exist” at the event on Wednesday May 31.

She had been asked by a hustings attendee to clarify her position “on Zionism”.

“I didn’t hear it at the time because the heckling was so bad,” Ms Shah told the Press Association. “But I have seen the video now, I’ve heard it with my own ears and I’m glad it has been reported as a hate incident.”

“There was a lot of misogyny in that room,” she added. “It wasn’t a nice experience.”

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