Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sweden: The Left Spreads the Right’s Hatred

Via Marxist-Humanist Initiative:
Originally published in Expressen (May 10, 2017, at 2:18 pm) as “Vänstern sprider högerns hat.” Translated by Erik Olofsson.

Two weeks ago, Arbetet [The Work] published an editorial text about the Nazi presence at the annual Book Fair[1] and at the Almedalen Week.[2] The title was “Six million Jews apparently weren’t enough,” and it aimed at the remarkable blindness of the organizers of these events to the anti-democratic intentions of the Nazis.

As expected, during the days that followed, the inbox was filled with comments—not, as expected, primarily from the right, but from the left. They all had the same general content, that not only the Jews fell victim to the Nazis.

“Why do mainstream media conceal Communism’s victims under Nazism? Why are you only mentioning Jews?,” one of the posts asked.

“You’re running errands for the Jewish and Israeli cause when you deny the communists who were killed,” another said.

And then the direct attacks:

“You contribute to the confusion of facts” … “cowardly ducking the issue” … “hypocrisy” … “infantile” … “only the Jews are of importance—you can’t handle anything else”.

The comments became so numerous and so similar that there could only be one explanation: they must be orchestrated.

With the help of a reader, the source could be located. In the April 2017 issue of FiB Kulturfront,[3] the left-wing paradigm-publication of the 1970s, diminishing for a long time and now growing again, the old ideologue Jan Myrdal writes a frustrated chronicle against the allegedly false history that the Jews succeeded in creating around the Holocaust. “The prevailing lie” is, as he says, “to falsely make the Jews the main victims.”

Several passages are similar to those that appear in the comments to the editorial in Arbetet. The past household-god of the left,[4] Jan Myrdal, thus writes a text that relativizes the Holocaust, totally in line with the historical writings of the extreme right.

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