Sunday, June 25, 2017

Portugal: Israeli ambassador and Jewish leader physically threatened on campus - demonstrators shouted "Hamas! Hamas!"

This happened at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.  Interestingly, the shocking incident was kept under wraps!

Via Romeu Monteiro:
A Portuguese student told Romeu Monteiro about an event he helped organize at his public college campus in Lisbon in February 2016:
"We were locked inside with the demonstrators on the other side of the door screaming "Hamas! Hamas!" and they would not go away. 
It was anti-Semitic: the topic of the talk we organized was not Israel, it was Portuguese-Jewish heritage. 
The dean forbade police from coming on campus to remove the demonstrators. After a while we had to activate the emergency plan to evacuate. 
6 body guards surrounded the Israeli Ambassador and we also had to protect Esther Mucznik [a prominent Portuguese Jewish leader/speaker]. 
Some people were actually trying to physically attack them, we had to push them. The demonstrators were mostly radical leftist students."

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