Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Netherlands: Defender of Israel harassed by Dutch-Muslim politician

Via JTA:
A local Muslim politician from The Hague is accused of making misogynistic threats against a woman who criticized his anti-Israel statements. 
In a series of voice messages, Abdoe Khoulani, who represents the Islamist Party of Unity on the city council of the The Hague, repeatedly insulted Anneke Brons, who has defended Israel on social media and had criticized a comment by Khoulani last week on Facebook calling Israeli high school students who visited The Hague “Zionist terrorists in training” and “future child murderers and occupiers.” 
“Anneke, go learn how to write Dutch, you blonde bitch,” Khoulani said in one of the messages. “With your anti-Semitic and scandalous foreigner. You showed you’re a retarded dumb broad. You know what’s disgusting? That face of yours. That’s disgusting. That ugly, ugly, white face of yours.” 
Khoulani continued: “And you know what you should do, Anneke? You should leave the Netherlands immediately and go live in an Israeli colony. Happily steal Palestinian land and see Palestinian children being shot dead. That’s what you should do. You belong there. With the Zionist scum.” 
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