Friday, June 9, 2017

UK: Woman outside polling station chanted 'Vote Labour, let’s get the Jews out' as voters walk past her

It seems that nobody challenged the woman.

Via Antisemitism UK:
A woman outside a Borehamwood polling station has been filmed chanting: “Vote Labour, let’s get the Jews out” as voters simply walk past her. The video has not been released publicly. 
Michelle Vince, the leader of the local Hertsmere Labour Group, has made a complaint to the police. She told the Borehamwood Times: “We are horrified and shocked that antisemitic behaviour has occurred outside of a polling station in Hertsmere. This is not a vote that we want. We are asking to see images of the person and if they are a member of the Party they will be expelled. We are asking for this to be investigated and we will always challenge this behaviour as racism of any form cannot be tolerated.”

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