Friday, November 22, 2013

Russia: Voice of Russia pushes American/Zionist plot story

When I came across this, I was sure this is a joke.  But no, Voice of Russia is the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service.  Host John Robles interviewed a couple named Moriarity, who spin a convoluted conspiracy theory blaming the US (and the Jews!) for all of Libya's troubles.

Robles: There was one thing you didn't mention, but I know this was a key moment also in Iraq the day, I think that was 9 hours before Iraq was invaded, Saddam Hussein had decided to change oil trade into the Euro. Now, Muammar Gaddafi, if you recall, he was a friend to the UK and to the United States and then he decided to do the same thing right before they invaded the country. And now the oil trade has now been pegged at the dollar again and all trade has been done in the dollar out of Libya, I don't know if you knew that.. 
JoAnne Moriarity: It's absolutely the truth. I mean, these are the Zionists, these are the bankers that control the world, the paper bankers, and it's really a crime that their attitude is: this is "acceptable collateral damage", because they are not going to have their power and their control changed to the good of any country or any person. 

They're going to kill or destroy anything that get in their way. It's really heinous. And they did it.

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