Sunday, February 16, 2014

UK: Celebrity photographer slams ‘extremist’ Jewish lobby

Leading UK photographer Rankin had harsh words Thursday for both Scarlett Johansson and the “zealots” in the “US Jewish lobby,” who he said control the entertainment business.

In a lengthy, wide-ranging interview with London’s The Independent, John Rankin Waddell heavily criticized Johansson’s role as spokeswoman for Israeli company SodaStream, and implied she couldn’t leave the deal because of the powerful influence of extremist Jews in Hollywood.


The “main thing in all this for me,” he said, is “that kind of extreme Judaism.” The “extreme belief” that Palestine is the Jewish homeland and “those people are worthless to them” is “very powerful in America,” he added.

“They will blacklist you… it’s worse than McCarthyism. You are pro-Palestinian? F**king forget it,” Rankin said.

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