Thursday, April 3, 2014

Austria: Freedom Party politician fingered as antisemitic and racist writer

The Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance says it has found proof that Andreas Mölzer, a leading member of the Austrian Freedom Party has published racist and antisemitic articles.

For years articles written by the pseudonym "F. X. Seltsam" featured racist views.  "Seltsam" referred to Jews as "degenerate people" and questioned the ban on Holocaust denial.  In 2012 he wrote against Black Austrian footballer David Alaba.

Until now Mölzer denied being the writer behind F. X. Seltsam.  However Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance has found that in 1990 the same article was published under both names.  It appeared with the F.X. Seltsam byline in Die Aula, and under Mölzer's byline in Kärntner Nachrichten.

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