Sunday, January 11, 2015

Belgium: Ghent mayor compares complaints about antisemitism to Paris terror attacks

Earlier today I was notified by a local Belgian Jewish activist that the city of Ghent invited an antisemitic journalist to speak at their 'peace and respect' march, following the terror attacks in France.

As everybody knows, the targets in those attacks were journalists (who ridiculed Muhammad) and Jews (who were Jews).

This same activist also turned to the Socialist mayor of Ghent, Daniël Termont.

His response?

Termont accused the complainer of 'spewing hate'.  Besides, he said, the city is not responsible for who's speaking.  And furthermore: "What you're doing is precisely that the murderers in Paris wanted to do: murdering freedom of speech."

Termont also added that he won't let this argument change his warm feelings towards the Jewish community.

Wow, that's generous of him.

Next time Belgian politicians speak about how they're going to deal with antisemitism?  Remember that it's just talk.  They do not want to make society a safer and more accepting place for Jews.

A few words on Termont's 'warm feelings' for the Jewish community.

The city of Ghent funds various anti-Israel activities.  For example, the "Eye On Palestine" Festival.  "The festival that puts Palestine in the picture."

In recent years, the annual Ghent Festival has also turned into an Israel-bashing extravaganza.  In 2009 the festival held a 'debate' on Israel, which of course included only one-side (Palestinians are good, Israelis are bad).  In 2010, Belgian children were invited to shoot Israeli soldiers.

I guess it gives Jews the warm fuzzies to see Israeli soldiers murdered by little Belgian children.

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