Sunday, January 11, 2015

Belgium: Yet another 'Judenrein' school in Brussels due to antisemitism

The only Jewish pupil at the Emile Bockstael secondary school in Brussels was forced to leave. She was constantly harassassed by her Muslims classmates.

The school tried to help, but to no avail - the harrassment went on.  The family contacted Faouzia Hariche, the Brussels Alderwoman for Public Education.  Ms. Hariche did not respond until the Belgian League against Antisemitism and a journalist of Vif-L'Expressed weighed in.  The alderman acknowledged that Sarah (assumed name) had indeed been harrassed but added that she had brought it on herself because Sarah had provoked her alleged aggressors.

How so?  You won't be surprised by the answer. The investigation into the matter had shown that Sarah had made unacceptable anti-Palestinian remarks. This seems far-fetched.  Sarah is a quiet, private girl and given the configuration of the class, predominantly pro-Palestinian, to voice anti-Palestinian remarks would have been foolhardy and highly unlikely.

As usual the young Jewish victim becomes the guilty party.  By the way, her twin brothers, aged 23 today, had already been removed from the school for the same reason: antisemitism.

More: Belgium Stands with Israel (in French)

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