Monday, March 9, 2015

Portugal: Jew-hating photographer suspected of criminal activities

Nuno Lobito is a Portuguese photographer and self-styled "traveller of the world". He works for the RTP, the official state TV channel, in spite of saying atrocious things about the Jews. Asked what country he most disliked, Lobito has no hesitation
"I don't like Israel. It's a big house with few windows.  Israelis are extremely arrogant and are not at all my type of people,  I don't identify in the least with any of them."

His disgust for the Jewish people of Israel, who "treated him like a dog" is overwhelming - he liked all the 189 countries he visited, except one:
"But there is a country to which I shall never return which is Israel. There I encountered very arrogant people."  
Amigo de Israel  highlights that Lobito also boasted that when he travelled through Lebanon he wore a pro-Hezbollah T-shirt.

This is what features on his Facebook. He reacted to this comment: "I wonder if the Nazis were right after all.  These people are really bad or are they taking revenge for the past?  They are guilty from the moment they target children and babies..." Lobito replied: "All points to the fact they they are doing what was done to them in the past.  How nasty.  What a really nasty people, but for me it's not a surprise.  Jews were always like that.  Worse than all peoples.  All they want is to create colonies that's why this war makes sense to them.  Disgust is what I feel for the Jewish people.  I can't even kill a fly but they can kill 300 children."

But it now turns out that the  Nuno Lobito, a self-styled disciple of the Dalai Lama, is not quite the humanist he pretends to be.  Portugal News on Line has the story:  Nuno Lobito is one of the three suspected of being involved in serious crimes mentioned in the article- the third one being rapper Juve Leo Nuno Vieira Mendes, aka Mustafá Malabá:
Former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) detective and ex-Sporting Vice President Paulo Pereira Cristovão was this week arrested on a number of criminal charges, which include kidnapping and robbery. He gained widespread prominence after authoring a book, Estrela da Madeleine (Madeleine’s Star) in which he analyses the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from her holiday apartment almost eight years ago.

Paulo Pereira Cristovão was arrested this week as his former colleagues drew nearer to concluding an investigation initiated in July 2014 related to a series of criminal charges. Up until this week, investigations had resulted in the arrest of 12 people, including three PSP police officers.

Cristovão, also a former president of the Portuguese Association for Missing Children, has been linked to these 12 suspects and is said to have worked on “identifying potential victims who would then be robbed inside their homes. These robberies would be undertaken by police officers simulating house searches, armed with forged legal warrants. On occasion, these searches would be conducted by officers dressed in their respective uniforms”, culminating in robberies, PJ sources said, following the announcement of Cristovão’s arrest.

Police further explained that these crimes took place in the Greater Lisbon Area and Setúbal to the south, with the assailants often resorting to violence in order to establish where their victims had hidden cash or items of considerable value.

A statement issued by PJ police reveals that three men, aged between 37 and 49, among them Cristovão, 45, were detained by the National Anti-Terrorism Unit on charges which included the use of illegal firearms in a series armed robberies, with victims often being taken against their will.  The trio arrested on Tuesday are alleged to have been responsible for identifying targets for the subsequent and usually violent robberies perpetrated by their 12 accomplices.  [...]

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