Sunday, September 6, 2015

Germany: Museum’s 'Jew against Zionism' talk sparks outrage

Via Jerusalem Post:
A talk titled “Jew against Zionism” slated for Sunday in the municipal museum of Düren has triggered criticism because of the event’s planned anti-Semitic content.

The speaker, Lillian Rosengarten, who is a member of the International Anti-Zionist network, accused Israel on the museum’s website of “ethnic cleansing,” “racism” and “apartheid.”

“Zionism has been successful in activating a growth in anti-Semitism,” the New York-based Rosengarten said.

Dr. Robert Neugröschel, the head of the 1,000-member Jewish community in greater Aachen, which includes the town of Düren, told The Jerusalem Post by the telephone on Saturday that the planned event is a “disgrace and of course anti-Semitic.”  

Bernd Hahne, the head of the museum’s executive board, told the Post he was aware of the criticism of the event. He said “he has dealt with the Jewish topic for 15 years and is anything but an anti-Semite.” Waiving the “anti-Semitism club is not helpful,” Hahne said. He expects 30 to 40 people to attend the talk.

Rolf Terkatz, another board member, told the Post the criticism of the event was “ridiculous.” He, like Hahne, stressed that when one “criticizes Israel it does not mean it is anti-Semitic.” more

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